A thoroughly uncooperative card game


Bedlam is a crazy, frightening, funny place. There are weird and wacky enemies at every turn, not to mention life’s little ordeals, like having to stop Armageddon! To make matters worse, your psychotic opponents are constantly screwing you over, by trying to send you crazy or scare you to death! Bedlam has a bunch of original features and mechanics designed to drive you batso.


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Game Features

  2 - 4 players     Ages 12+     30 - 60 mins

Fantastic original artwork by punk rocker Mike Foxall  

   Two levels of difficulty, beginner and expert.

High quality game components.  

  Collectors edition tin! Never to be repeated!

  Out of the ordinary – a theme like no other in your collection.  


 Bedlam is, hands down, one of the greatest card games that I have ever played. If you’re not playing it, then you’re missing out on something really special.


- BoardGameGeek.com


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How The Game Plays

On a typical turn a player will face an Enemy or Ordeal, and try to beat it by using their Slider to make their Courage and Sanity greater than what they are facing. Beating Enemies and Ordeals earns you Rewards as well as Heart and Mind points. Once you have earned enough points, you win the game.

If you're smart you can discover very cool or unusual combinations of cards, and great strategies for screwing with people, which is one of the things that makes Bedlam so much fun. The more games you play, the more strategies you will discover.

The game can be as short or as long as you like. Set the number of points you need to collect before the game starts, or even decide to play through the whole deck (although this could take a day and a night).

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Bedlam Community

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Virtual Slider

At great expense we have developed an extemely high tech virtualized slider for people with touch devices*. This means if you lose your sliders or purchased plain Bedlam or are a techno-gadget-freak-a-zoid you can use this fancy pants battery operated slider.

Tablet    Smart Phone  

* For best results use your device in landscape and have the browser fullscreen. We cannot guarantee all devices and browsers are compatible. The sliders will slide on touch devices only. Fingers, toes and noses can move the slider pieces, a mouse will not.


The Randomizer can help you sort out any decision that involves picking a particular human.
Useful for choosing the first player, or deciding who will do the housework.